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Our Work in Sustainable Tourism

Tourism, one of the world’s largest industries, employs more than 235 million people worldwide and generates some 9.2 percent of the global GDP. While tourism is a vital source of income for many developing countries, it can also result in pollution, deforestation, inefficient energy use and cultural exploitation.

The Rainforest Alliance offers training to tourism businesses -- including hotels and lodges -- that provides them with the tools and techniques they need to run efficiently and sustainably. Businesses that have completed our program and are interested in becoming certified can enter our certification auditing process and demonstrate compliance with our sustainable tourism standard to earn the right to use the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal on promotional materials.

As a traveler, how can you know you're having a positive impact on the places you visit? Visit our Green Your Travel directory to find a listing of all Rainforest Alliance Certified™ hotels and tour operators in Latin America and the Caribbean

Map: Our Global Impact

Our Global Impact

See where our work in sustainable tourism is protecting local ecosystems and supporting communities.

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