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Measuring Our Impact

The Rainforest Alliance conducts and evaluates rigorous scientific research on an ongoing basisto assess the impact of our work and ensure that our programs are as effective as possible. This includes research conducted by our staff and partners, as well as independent impact studies performed by universities, nonprofit groups and research organizations.

Because our work is so broad in scope, various studies cover many subjects, including:

Environmental Impacts

  • >Ecosystem Conservation
  • Wildlife
  • Waterways
  • Climate Change

Social Impacts

  • Workers’ Rights
  • Pesticides, Waste & Human Health
  • Women and Children
  • Community Engagement

Economic Impacts

  • Yield and Income
  • Local Economic Development
  • Industry Transformation
  • Consumer Awareness

For a more detailed look at how the Rainforest Alliance and our partners have helped protect people and the planet over the past quarter century, read our 25th anniversary report.

Map: Our Global Impact

Our Global Impact

Our work is bringing real, measurable benefits to people and wildlife around the world.

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