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Our Work in Sustainable Forestry

Forests are essential to the survival of life on Earth, providing oxygen, clean water, shelter, fuel and food. But rampant global consumption and illegal logging put a heavy strain on these crucial resources. At the Rainforest Alliance, we know that the best way to keep forests standing is to use them wisely. To that end, we work with everyone from large corporations to forest-based communities to ensure that logging is conducted responsibly, so that ecosystems are protected.

Certification, Verification and Validation

FSC Certified lumber When a forestry operation meets certification standards, they earn the right to make certified claims and display the appropriate mark on products or promotional materials. That way, when conscientious consumers see the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) label coupled with the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal on products and packaging, they know that they come from forests that have met rigorous standards for protecting forestlands, communities and wildlife. Learn more »

Community Forestry

Opened Brazil Nut. By working with the Brazil-nut gatherers’ associations in eastern Peru, the Rainforest Alliance has strengthened the conservation of their forest concessions while raising their members’ standard of living. Certification alone will not automatically help companies compete in global markets. This is particularly true for the growing number of community-owned forestry operations in the tropics. Working with small enterprises to improve business skills, increase efficiencies and access new markets is a central focus for the Rainforest Alliance’s work with forest communities, whose livelihoods are intimately tied to forest resources, and who have the most at stake in conservation efforts.

Map: Our Global Impact

Our Global Impact

Our work in sustainable forestry is bringing real, measurable benefits to people and wildlife around the world.

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By choosing Rainforest Alliance Certified™ products, you support environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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