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Integrity and Transparency

All our work at the Rainforest Alliance is guided by the principles of respect, innovation, collaboration, integrity and accountability. A significant part of our work focuses on certification and verification services, which enables us to:

  • Provide farmers, foresters and tourism entrepreneurs with guidelines on how to improve their practices
  • Hold companies accountable
  • Enable consumers to make informed choices

Certification and verification are only a means to an end for us. Our ultimate goal is to improve how natural-resource-based economic activities are managed. Certification and verification will lead to a sustainable society only when it is conducted by an independent, transparent and accountable body. Rainforest Alliance auditing and certification services are managed and implemented within its RA-Cert Division. All related personnel responsible for audit design, evaluation, and certification/verification/validation decisions are under the purview of the RA-Cert Division. Our other activities, including training, technical assistance, product sourcing and other value chain work, will result in a sustainable society only if they are conducted in a way that does not diminish the integrity of certification and verification. To that end, we have developed policies and procedures to ensure transparency, integrity and accountability throughout our programs:

  • Financial independence -- our rules for accepting donations
  • Decision making-- how we ensure the decisions we make are done independently and transparently
  • Disclosure-- rules we've adopted to avoid any conflict of interest
  • Oversight and accountability-- how we review our decisions and report to international bodies that also double-check our procedures
  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Whistleblower policy[En Español] -- our procedures for reporting any illegal or unethical conduct related to our finances or any other aspect of our work

We have taken careful measures regarding the use of the Rainforest Alliance certification seal and our logo, so that businesses and consumers alike can confidently offer and purchase the products and services on which they appear. Products bearing the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal must come from agricultural or forestry businesses that are managed in accordance with strict standards for social and environmental sustainability. No one is permitted to use the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal or logo on any materials without prior review and approval.

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